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How does the app know who I am? Do I need to provide any ID?
How does the app know who I am? Do I need to provide any ID?

Verifying your account, Onfido, Passport, License, ID.

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When you sign up the app, we will automatically check your identity against the information you have provided. If this does not work, we will need to scan a form of ID (either a passport or driving license) in order to double check your details. Don't panic! This is all done in app and verified through our third party IDV provider Onfido. You don't need to leave the app or anything, it'll all be done for you!

First you start by clicking 'Verify now'. This will then take you to the page of our third party identity verification provider, Onfido.

You will the be asked which type of document you would like to use to verify your account. The document must be in date and valid in order to successfully verify your identity.

Once you have chosen which document you would like to use, you will need to enable camera access so that you can take pictures of your documents.

Click enable camera and line your document up within the borders provided. Once the document has been scanned and your ID veriifed, you will be allowed into the app.

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