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How can I deposit/withdraw funds into my account?
How can I deposit/withdraw funds into my account?

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Currently, you can only add funds to your account using a debit card connected to UK bank account. You can deposit funds into your account via the "Deposit' button in the 'My Account' section within the Circl App.

The minimum transaction limit for a deposit or a withdrawal is £5. If you attempt to make a withdrawal or deposit with less than this in your account, it will not go through.

You can only add one card to your account at a time. If you wish to replace your current card with different one there are a few steps you must follow. Firstly, you must withdraw all of the funds deposited by the previous card. Once you have removed those funds, you can remove the old card from payment methods on your account screen. Finally you can add your new card and continue making deposits and withdrawals from your new card.

To withdraw funds from your betting account, go to your account page and select 'Withdraw'. You will then be asked how much of your funds you would like to withdraw. These will be sent to the bank account that they were deposited from.

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