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Why was an event missing from my Circl?
Why was an event missing from my Circl?

Missing event, Mistake, Wrong outcome.

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So... nobody's perfect. We aim to track the events that occur during the full 90 minutes (plus injury time) of any football match as accurately as possible but sometimes events can be missed and mistakes can occur. Here at Circl we take our data for the football matches from our third party associate, Stats Perform, who from time to time may be mistaken.

When this occurs, our data provider will aim to correct the mistake by the end of the match. If they have made any changes, we will reflect their decisions in the events shown in app. However, all results are final as of the end of the match (including any injury time), any decisions made by any governing bodies such as the FA premier league, will not affect the final outcome of the Circl.

For more details on when a missing event will be amended, see our Rules of Play

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