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Questionnaire Terms & Conditions
Questionnaire Terms & Conditions

Questionnaire, Terms and conditions.

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  • Participants must complete the full questionnaire to receive the reward described within the Questionnaire.

  • Participants who complete the questionnaire must have a pre-existing account with Circl.

  • Each participant may only claim the free bet reward once, no matter how many times they complete the questionnaire. Any attempts to try and receive extra rewards may result in the forfeiture of the original incentive.

  • Only the participants chosen for this questionnaire may complete it and receive the incentive for doing so. Any attempt to share this link with others in order to gain more free bets may result in the forfeiture of the incentive.

  • We may withhold the incentive from participants who have completed the questionnaire but not met the standard of quality that we expect.

  • Participants agree, if chosen by us, to be contacted in future about completing a separate feedback call for additional incentive. This additional feedback call is optional and does not effect the incentive received for the completion of the questionnaire.

  • Circl will deliver the incentive within 48 hours of completion of the questionnaire to the participants, given that it meets the standard of quality. This will be done in the form of credit directly into the players account. There are no substitutions for this incentive.

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